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When does the FBI get involved with local police investigations?

What is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for investigating a wide range of criminal activities that fall under federal jurisdiction. The FBI works closely with state and local law enforcement agencies to investigate and solve crimes, and it often becomes involved in local law enforcement investigations and prosecutions in several circumstances.

What Types of Crimes do the FBI Investigate?

  1. Federal crimes: The FBI investigates and enforces federal laws. This includes crimes such as bank robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and organized crime, which fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Federal crimes always involve conduct that crosses state lines or affects interstate commerce, sometimes even if the effect is slight.
  2. Public corruption: The FBI investigates public officials or those who conduct business with the government and are suspected of violating federal laws. This can include bribery, embezzlement, and fraud.  The FBI will also investigate local offenses that involve local governments or entities that receive federal funds.
  3. Civil rights violations: The FBI has a mandate to uphold civil rights and investigates cases of hate crimes, human trafficking, violation of individual civil rights, and discrimination.
  4. Cyber Crime: With the rise of technology, many crimes are committed online, like hacking, identity theft, and various forms of online fraud. The FBI has the jurisdiction to investigate these cases.
  5. National Security: FBI agents are also responsible for investigating activities related to national security, like espionage, terrorism and international organized crime. It also investigates the violation of import and export control laws as well as international traffick in arms.
  6. Joint Task Force: The FBI also participates in Joint Task Forces with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to share resources and expertise to target specific criminal activities such as drug trafficking, gang violence, and human trafficking.
  7. Assistance to local law enforcement: The FBI can also provide support to local law enforcement agencies in the form of technical assistance, forensic analysis and other resources.

It’s important to note that the FBI often works together with local and state law enforcement agencies. They will often share information and coordinate their investigations to target accusations of criminal organizations or illegal activities that operate across state lines or involve multiple jurisdictions.

In general, the FBI will become involved in a local law enforcement investigation or prosecution when an alleged offense falls under federal jurisdiction, when a crime is committed on federal property, when local law enforcement agencies request assistance, or when multiple jurisdictions are involved. Sometimes the FBI has expertise that the local law enforcement agency does not or the FBI is involved with a federal Task Force that has received national funding to target a particular type of criminal accusation.

As a federal law enforcement agency, the FBI has a wide range of investigative tools and resources at its disposal, which helps them to be more effective in solving complex crimes. When the FBI gets involved in a case, it means that the resources and expertise of the federal government are being brought to bear to help find and prosecute the accused persons.


Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas

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