Is voter fraud considered a white collar crime?

Voter fraud is the illegal interference with the process of an election. It is considered a serious crime, as it undermines the integrity of the democratic process and undermines public trust in the nation’s electoral system. Voter fraud can take many forms, including voter impersonation, double voting, vote buying, and voter registration fraud. The question…
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When does the FBI get involved with local police investigations?

What is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a federal law enforcement agency that is responsible for investigating a wide range of criminal activities that fall under federal jurisdiction. The FBI works closely with state and local law enforcement agencies to investigate and solve crimes, and it often…
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What are the most commonly charged white collar crimes?

White collar crime refers to a wide range of nonviolent, financially motivated criminal activities that are typically charged against  individuals or organizations for conduct in the course of their businesses or individual professional activities. A few of the most common types of white collar crimes include: Embezzlement: This crime occurs when an individual or organization…
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Why don’t I hear more about white collar crime?

What is a White Collar Crime? White collar crime is a term that refers to nonviolent, financially motivated criminal activities that prosecutors decide constitute criminal offenses committed by individuals or organizations in the course of their business or professional activities. Examples of white collar crimes include federal contract fraud, health care fraud, embezzlement, insider trading,…
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