Vernon “Trey” Farthing III

Exonerated of Federal Bribery and Money Laundering

vernon farthing lawyer

Vernon “Trey” Farthing III, ran a successful medical services company, Physicians Network Association (PNA), and was seeking to be the medical provider for the Reeves County Correctional Center in Peco, Texas. While making his bid he brought on Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti under the advice of former Reeve’s County Judge, Jimmy Galindo.

Unbeknownst to Farthing, Uresti and Galindo were engaged in an illegal money laundering and kickback scheme. When the scheme was uncovered by federal investigators, Farthing was caught in the middle and faced 25 years in prison for federal bribery and money laundering charges.

After a three week trial the jury took only thirteen hours to deliberate and find Farthing not guilty of all charges thanks in part to the effort and work put in by Goldstein & Orr.


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