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Whether you live in Wilson County or were simply visiting, being arrested for an alleged criminal offense in this part of Texas can have serious consequences. Depending on the severity of the alleged crime, a person could face several years of incarceration and enormous fines.

Goldstein & Orr provides legal defense for alleged offenders in Floresville, Poth, Stockdale, and many other nearby communities in Wilson County. Our criminal defense lawyers can fight to help you achieve the best possible outcome to your case with the fewest possible penalties.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Wilson County, Texas

Gerry Goldstein and Cynthia Orr are specialists in criminal law and criminal appellate law, having both been Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Van Hilley has more than three decades of experience in state and federal courts.

Our Wilson County criminal defense lawyers can fight to possibly get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed. They will provide an honest and thorough evaluation of your case as soon as you call (210) 226-1463 to set up a free, confidential consultation.

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Common Criminal Offenses in Wilson County, TX

A few of the most frequent criminal charges in Wilson County that Goldstein & Orr handles include, but are not limited to:

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DWI Defense in Wilson County, Texas

In addition to major roadways such as U.S. Route 87, U.S. Route 181, and Texas State Highway 97 that run through Wilson County, people are frequently arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated (DWI, also referred to as driving under the influence or DUI) on a number of other local roads as well. Whether an individual was stopped on 10th Street in Floresville, Westmeyer Street in Poth, or Main Street in Stockdale, drunk driving is a common criminal charge in Wilson County.

Goldstein & Orr aggressively defends both alleged first-time and repeat DWI offenders in Wilson County. Our attorneys also represent people accused of drunk driving-related offenses such as intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.

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Wilson County, Texas Court Resources

Wilson County Court Coordinator — The county court handles misdemeanor cases that involve possible jail time. On this website, you can find court dates, court dockets, and court appointments.

Wilson County Courthouse
1420 3rd St.
Floresville, TX 78114
(830) 393-7303

Wilson County Justices of Peace — Justice courts typically handle misdemeanor cases that are punishable by fines only. On this website, you can learn more about the judges for each respective precinct. You can also find links to certain types of petitions and affidavits.

Precinct 1
800 10th Street, Box 8
Floresville, TX 78114
(830) 393-5112

Precinct 2
121 Dilworth Plaza
Poth, TX 78147
(830) 484-2356

Precinct 3
402 Bluebonnet (FM 775)
La Vernia, TX 78121
(830) 779-2285

Precinct 4
800 10th Street, Box 6
Floresville, TX 78114
(830) 393-4052

81st & 218th District Courts — District courts in Texas have jurisdiction over felony criminal cases. The 81st and 218th Judicial District Court serves Wilson and four other counties in Texas. Visit this website to view a court calendar and find general information.

Wilson County District Court
800 10th St.
Floresville, Texas 78114
(830) 393-7322

Fourth Court of Appeals — The Court of Appeals handle cases appealed from trial courts. The Fourth Court of Appeals has intermediate appellate jurisdiction of cases appealed from lower courts in Wilson County and 31 other counties in Texas. Visit this website to learn more about the court’s history and its current justices.

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Wilson County, TX Law Enforcement Resources

81st Judicial District Attorney’s Office — Visit this website to learn more about the district attorney for Atascosa County and four other counties. You can find recent news as well as information about the current district attorney and the office’s staff. You can also learn more about the office’s Border Prosecution Unit, Human Trafficking Initiative, and Texas Violent Gang Task Force.

81st Judicial District Attorney’s Office
1327 Third Street
Floresville, TX 78114
(830) 393-2200

Sheriff | Wilson County — Visit this website to learn more about the Wilson County Sheriff. You can find a link that allows you to check on the status of alleged offenders. You can also find a link to information on missing children in Texas.

Wilson County Sheriff
800 10th Street, Unit 2
Floresville, TX 78114
(830) 393-2535

County Attorney | Wilson County — The Wilson County Attorney’s Office prosecutes misdemeanor violations in Wilson County. Visit this website to learn more about Wilson County’s pretrial diversion program.

Wilson County Attorney’s Office
1420 3rd St., Ste 201
Floresville, TX 78114
(830) 393-7305

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Wilson County, Texas Crime Statistics

Data submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Uniform Crime Reporting Bureau by Texas Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police showed the following crime rates for Wilson County during the five-year period between 2011 and 2015:








Auto Theft









































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Wilson County, TX Zip Codes

Goldstein & Orr represents alleged offender in several communities in the greater Wilson County area, including residents and visitors arrested in the following locations:

  • Carpenter — 78121
  • Floresville — 78114
  • La Vernia — 78121
  • Nixon — 78140
  • Pandora — 78143
  • Poth — 78147
  • Saspamco — 78112
  • Stockdale — 78160
  • Sutherland Springs — 78161
  • Grass Pond Colony — 78114
  • Kicaster — 78114

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Goldstein & Orr | Wilson County, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you were arrested anywhere in Wilson County for allegedly committing a criminal offense, it is in your best interest to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Goldstein & Orr defends clients throughout south central Texas.

Our criminal defense attorneys can fight help you avoid the many long-term consequences of a conviction. Our lawyers can review your case and discuss your legal options during a free consultation when you call (210) 226-1463 or complete an online contact form today.

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