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  • "They are next level on intelligence and understanding. My full respect to these attorneys." by Amber R. Read More
  • "They're the best, very thorough." by Doug T. Read More
  • "I was so fortunate and privileged to have Mr. Goldstein in my corner. You will find none better." by Stephen Read More
  • "GGH has no equal in Texas or elsewhere. Cynthia Orr and Gerry Goldstein don't just defend their clients, they make law. I've watched them over the years take impossible cases and win." by Debra I. Read More

A Remembrance of My Partner: Van G. Hilley by: Gerry Goldstein

In Rememberance of Van G. Hilley

A Remembrance of My Partner: Van G. Hilley

The essence of any successful partnership is trust and respect for one another. I can honestly attest that practicing law with Van Hilley was more a pleasure and a privilege than a profession. Day in and day out, for almost forty years, Van never failed to earn my trust and respect. Perhaps that explains why Van and I never had a written or even an oral partnership agreement. In fact, we never discussed money or how to divide same. We never even discussed the fact that we never had a discussion about money. I have more discussions about money with my wife than I ever had with my law partner.

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