Goldstein & Orr Recognized at the Criminal Justice Foundation Virtual Gala

Our attorneys at Goldstein & Orr are happy to announce that we were recognized at the Criminal Justice Foundation Gala this year. The gala serves as a fundraising event for the National Foundation of Criminal Justice (NFCJ), a registered charity that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the core values of America’s justice system guaranteed by the Constitution through education to both the public and legal profession. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) had to get creative and instead hosted a “virtual” gala where one can join the fun safe at home

Despite the changes to the Gala, our San Antonio criminal defense lawyers were thrilled to serve as a Sentinel of Truth event sponsor for the program as well as be featured in their Gala Journal. In addition, we are happy to commend one of our own Cynthia Eva Hujar Orr as she was recognized for her hard work as the secretary for the NACDL Foundation for Criminal Justice Board of Trustees. Attorney Orr was also featured and applauded for her past role as NACDL president from 2009-2010 alongside all the other past NACDL presidents. Our team at Goldstein & Orr pride themselves in upholding justice by supporting the NACDL’s message that all individuals should receive fair, rational and humane treatment from the criminal justice system. We hope that next year is just as exciting and that once again the attorneys at Goldstein & Orr can be a part of it.

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